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Wirral Globe Wednesday 14th September 1994

Persistent pirates in the dock

A Wirral pirate radio was put off the air when equipment was seized during a raid - but a month later Zee 100 began operating again from another address in Birkenhead, Wirral magistrates heard.

Four members from the pirate station, which claimed to be the biggest on Merseyside appeared in court and admitted various offences. They were each fined œ200 and the magistrates ordered that equipment taken, including records, tapes and transmitters and said to be valued at 2,500 Pounds, be forfeited.

"Dale Cooper". "Steve Moorcroft", and two others admitted using a station for wireless telegraphy without a licence in force, and all except "Cooper" admitted using apparatus without a licence. "Cooper" also pleaded guilty to providing the use of a mobile phone for use in the day-to-day running of the illegal station and "Moorcroft" and another admitted allowing premises to be used for unlawful broadcasting and participating in the management and day to day running of an illegal station.

Prosecutor Richard Clancy for the department of Trade and Industry, told how members of the Radio Investigation section traced the station to a flat in Oxton after complaints of interference with radio and television sets had been received.

A search warrant was executed and items seized and the station stopped broadcasting. But further complaints were received and it was found to be broadcasting from another address in the same area. again another search warrant was obtained and items seized. Mr. John Weate, defending, said the four admitted responsibility. He said they treated it as 'fun' running the station but realised it was no fun event to be before the court. He claimed no money was made and they were just getting experience in the hope of obtaining a work in the broadcasting field.

Wirral Globe, Wednesday 14th September 1994

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