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Compiled by Jim Lowe from Newspaper Articles

Storeton Community Radio 1026 Khz.

Storeton Community Radio See Also SCR Newspaper Article

Birkenhead News 24th February 1984.

Storeton Community Radio

Lawbreakers who 'serve community'

You have to be careful when you mention the word "Pirate" to DJ's at Storeton Community Radio. Any reminders that they are breaking the law brings a sharp reply, writes Tony Bethel. "We would rather not call ourselves pirate radio " said "Martin 'C'", aged 19 who set up the unauthorised station two years ago.

"We are free radio. We provide a service to the public without charging them". It is doubtful whether that explanation would impress the Home Office. Equipment being used for the radio, including record decks, a new microphone and a transmitter was confiscated in a raid. "Martin 'C'", as the person responsible for running the station faces a court hearing on a charge of transmitting without a licence.

The maximum penalty is a œ1000 fine, or six months in prison. SCR was off the air for a couple of weeks following the raid. It is now transmitting from again from a flat in the centre of Birkenhead. The new 'studio' has double locks fitted to all doors and has the windows boarded up. Although it is impossible to say exactly how many listeners the station has, it's organisers reckon the figure runs into several thousands. When the station was going strong last year, they were receiving anything upto 150 letters a week from the public.

"We tell the listeners that their letters are our wages." said "Paul Woods",aged 25. One of its DJ's, 21 year old "Keith The Chief" said a major function of the station as promoting local bands and advertising charity events. Illegally operating on 1026 Khz. 292 Metres Medium Wave, the station says it caters for all all tastes and ages. Music of the 1950's and 1960's is provided by "Brian 'C'", and "John Sniff" focuses on local bands. Pablo Brad features Reggae, and "Uncle Ern"concentrates on chart hits.

Other DJ's include "Mad Mike", "Dave Collins" and "Sandy Babe" and "Little Di". Many of the DJ's are on the dole and they say many of their listeners are unemployed. One of the main problems is finance. "Martin 'C'" reckons he puts most of his weekly wages as an audio engineer into the station and "Keith The Chief" spends about œ30 a week on it.

All in all, the total expenditure each week amounts to about œ100. This mainly goes on buying buying equipment and records. "We have turned down requests to do advertising", said "Martin 'C'". "We feel that if we start to do advertising, we may get caught transmitting more easily. Also, we don't want to become another commercial station".

(Birkenhead News 24/02/84)

"Martin 'C'", the station's owner and engineer was subsequently taken to court and fined 145 Pounds plus costs. (Tim Jackson)