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Compiled by Jim Lowe from Newspaper Articles

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Liverpool Echo Friday April 24th 1987

Radio Pirate Sunk By Mozart

PIRATE disc jockey "Keith" was trapped because his neighbours liked classical music. Beethoven and Mozart fans in Birkenhead, picked up interference when they tuned in to Radio Three. They complained. and sleuths from the Department of Trade moved in. The officials raided his house and found him transmitting an illegal station called Concept.

Wirral magistrates were told that he claimed he had only been doing it for a few weeks. "Keith" aged 27, admitted three offences on different dates of using wireless apparatus without a licence. He also admitted operating operating a station without a licence. The court ordered his equipment to be forfeited. George Sale, defending, said it would mean an estimated loss to the defendant of 350 Pounds.

Mr. Sale said "Keith" had now realised how wrong he had been operating the station and was sorry for the disturbance. He did not make any money. It was purely for his own pleasure. Christine Bradley, for the prosecution, said he had told officers it was a hobby.

(Liverpool Echo Friday April 24th 1987)

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