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Compiled by Jim Lowe from Newspaper Articles

Central Radio International

Central Radio International


Daily Post May 29th 1986

(Court case arising from DTI raid on Friday 31st January 1985)

Radio pirates silenced by the court

A pirate radio station, set up to brighten the lives of the local jobless, yesterday had its equipment confiscated by Liverpool magistrates court. Two of its disk jockeys pleaded guilty to using the equipment without a licence from a high rise flat in Everton "Jeff Thompson" (36) at who's home the apparatus was discovered, also pleaded guilty to installing the equipment illegally. He was fined a total of 100 Pounds and ordered to pay 50 Pounds costs. "Jim Brown" (36) of Bootle, was fined 50 Pounds plus 50 Pounds costs.

Central Radio International was discovered broadcasting on the medium wave by Department of Trade and Industry officials, explained Miss Judith Miller, prosecuting. When they went to "Thompson's" home they found the still warm transmitter and other equipment and he admitted using it for the past four months. "Brown" admitted broadcasting an afternoon show under the name of Jim Brown. Mr. Ian Harris defending "Brown" explained that the men, who are both unemployed, had wanted to brighten up the lives of local unemployed people and give them a choice in local radio listening.

(Liverpool Daily Post 29/05/86)