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Transmitters serving Merseyside

Moel-Y-Parc Flintshire

This transmitter site serves mainly TV but it also carries many other services including Mobile Phone, Amatuer Radio and other repeaters. It's only connection with Wirral was the 200 Watt beam for the Wirral service of MFM on 97.1. (You may be able to spot a 3 element beam in the picture). This service was transferred to Storeton Hill on the Wirral in February 1999 and relaunched as The Buzz 97.1 on 14 February 1999.

A general view of the Moel-Y-Parc mast

A closer look at the main TV antenna and gantry, plus there is a 3 element beam further down. Is this the MFM beam for the Wirral ?

A view further down the mast showing various high frequency equipment and dishes etc. I couldn't go right up to the mast because it was roped off as NTL were working at the site.

At the bottom section of the mast, there is the usual cell phone equipment and various utilities etc.

Photographs by Jim Lowe (c) 1998.



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