R. Merseywaves

R. Jackie North

M. A. R.

Central Radio Int.

Station M

R Julie

Concept Radio

Wirral FM

R. Xanadu

Liverpool Pirate R.

Storeton Comm. R.



Stories and studio pictures from free radio stations on Merseyside

This is a series featuring information and studio pictures of free radio stations on Merseyside taken by Jim Lowe (with the exception of Station'M'. )

If you have any similar photographs, please let me know.

Central Radio

The story of our involvement with Central and pictures of the studio and transmitter.


Radio Merseywaves

Studio photos etc.

Concept Radio

A brief history and studio pictures

KDA \ Wirral FM

The story of KDA and Wirral FM with pictures by Keith

Radio Commodore CFM

A brief history

Vision FM 

The story of Vision FM by Geoff


The WABC Story By Steve Owen

Station 'M'


Dave Wilsons history of this station from the early 80's

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