The Concept Halloween Specials

These files are in Real Audio™ format (mp3 available soon)

Halloween 2005 Part 1 Tom Webb is live at Raby Village where many people have found evidence of paranormal activity.

Halloween 2005 Part 2 Jim Lowe captures the atmosphere on Bidston Hill on the Wirral where a satanist is said to be buried on unconsecrated ground.

Halloween 2002 Part 1 In 2002, Jim Lowe visits a village on the wirral where a horseman has been seen, according to local legend.  Evidence of this has been found more recently, following our own research convincing us that there is some truth in this story.

Halloween 2002 Part 2 Tom Webb reports from a local cemetery which is in an area reputed to be one of the most paranormally active areas on Merseyside.

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