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Transmitters serving Merseyside and the North West of England

Blackpool Tower

Blackpool Tower is 518ft 9 inches high and houses several utility transmitters and The Wave, an ILR station serving the Fylde Coast. The tower has also been used for RSLs, one of which is on for the illuminations

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This is the actual antenna which is used by The Wave 96.5.It is a coliniar installed By SBS.

The engineers had to climb the tower manually to install this antenna as the lifts were being replaced at the time



Here is the main tower platform. There are many utility antennas as well as satellite dishes



Part of the veiwing platform is fenced off and contains dishes. Are these uplinks?




Another view of the tower from the main promenade



A view from the tower looking North. This is truly an excellent take off point for any transmission.  Blackpool Tower was actually used for communications purposes during World War 2




This picture was taken at the 2001 Illuminations



The Wave 96.5 had this promotional display on the prom between the South and Central Piers. There was live audio of the station as well as the text display. At the time, an RSL, Illuminations FM was also on.

Pictures by Jim Lowe except for the antenna image