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Transmitters serving Merseyside

Allerton Park

Allerton Park 95.8/96.7 Mhz FM

This is the Allerton Park site which carries the FM transmitters for BBC Radio Merseyside 95.8, and Radio City 96.7, both now on 8 KW.  The site was originally set up for  Radio Merseyside which was launched on 22 November 1967.    

Radio City started in 1974, but the base of the tower was badly rusted and repairs had to be carried out before their antenna could be added to the site. City' had to make do with a Medium Wave only service until the work was completed.

A general view of the Allerton Park mast

A closer look at the main antenna and gantry

A view of the array of vertical and horizontal elements

A general view of the top of the tower

Photographs by Jim Lowe (c) 1998.